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Demo Explanation

During prediction, the red dot points are moving objects, the green dot lines are predicted paths, and the purple dot lines are sample trajectories (i.e. the real paths of the moving objects). More information can be seen in the short video.

(The purple dot lines will not show if the "number of prediction objects" is large, you can see that by triggering the CheckBox "sample trajectories" in canvas view. If the "number of prediction objects" is smaller than 5, the purple dot lines will show by default.)


(1) JDK setting (If the demo cannot run correctly, please read this note)

(A) The demo is based on JDK 7u17. You have to update your JDK (or JRE) up to Java SE 7u17 or above.

(B) From JDK 7u51 or higher (e.g. JDK 8), the Java has enhanced its default security setting by blocking self-signed applications. In order to run the demo, you may have to make the configuration: Control Panel->Java->Security, under "Security" tab, add the website URL "http://db128gb-b.ddns.comp.nus.edu.sg/jzhou/R2-D2/demo.html" into "Expection Site List". For more details, please refer to this

(2) Please push the "Reset" button after finishing the demonstration release your session.