For demonstration purpose, sonSQL demo now only shows the sns construction for the context of conferernce management, review and gengeral entertainment.

Note: the demo is based on JDK 1.7. You may need to update your JDK up to 1.7 or above


A visitor to our demonstration will be invited to assume the role of an SNcreator.

Initial SN Characterization

The SNcreator first sees a form. She browses the SNdomain hierarchy, and the expert system responds to her choice with possible products; by moving the cursor to a product, the SNcreator can see a pop-up description of the product. She can select the products relevant to the SN she has in min. She can similarly specify the user categories and social relationships (including groups).

Social Product Creation

After the initial SN characterization, SNcreator sees the form of SN. When she selects a product, sonSQL responds with options for Producer and activities, as well as a high-level view of the SN created so far.

Clicking on reveals the mid-level pop-up view of relationships between user and product. Clicking on an entity box further shows an in-depth view of the tables associated with the entities, the keys and other attributes.

In this way, SNcreator iterates through the list of products in her SN design, thus specifying the details to sonSQL.

Modifications and Updates

In the above process, SNcreator can click the ``Back'' button to undo the latest change. After the changes are committed and even after the SN is deployed, SNcreator can call up similar forms to modify or update the design; e.g. add more activities or remove some products.

In any case, sonSQL translates SNcreator's specifications into SQL DDL or DML transactions, verifies that the foreign/primary key constraints are satisfied, then sends the transactions to the MySQL backend for execution.

Testing the SN

An SNcreator may want to exercise her SN design with some test queries. shows the form provided by sonSQL's Data Generator for her to specify the size of the test dataset; sonSQL then generates synthetic data to match the specification. SNcreator can then run arbitrary SQL queries on the sonSQL-generated data.

Alternatively, she can use the Module Tester's form interface to simulate an user's activities; sonSQL responds to each action by showing changes to the tables.







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