(This demo is deployed on a public server. If the time range cannot show up instantly, please try this demo later when the server is not so busy. Thanks for your understanding.)
     1. Adjust the time slider below to specify a time range (Recommend to use the default range, i.e., the latest two months).
     2. Draw a rectangle over the map to specify a geographic region (To draw a rectangle, click on the map, move the mouse and click again).
     3. Once a rectangle is drawn, the hierarchical tag clouds, summarizing the tweets published within the specified spatiotemporal ranges, will be displayed. You can zoom in/out through the tag clouds by scrolling the mouse wheel.
     4. Click any tag cloud in a certain color to show its related tweets. Click again the same tag cloud to hide the tweets.
     5. Partitions involved will also be displayed on the map. The denseness of partitions reflects the distribution of tweets.
     6. Hover the mouse over the information icon on the top-left corner of the map to view related statistics.
     7. Right click on the map (or refresh the page) to clear the rectangles, tag clouds, etc.

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